True Grit Band

True Grit Band

True Grit Band Tee

Hello! Welcome!

My name is Hailey and I am a music nerd. 

If you are new here, I have a ton of interests, but the one constant in my life has always been music. Lyrics, melody and a good guitar rip has always been my dearest friend, especially in darker times in my life. It is the one thing that I think we can all love, share and appreciate. 

Scrolling through Instagram one day, I found this amazing band, True Grit. They were selling band tees and the design instantly drew me in. I had never listened to their music prior! After some conversation with one of the guys, I hustled to find a link or video so I could check out their vibe and sound. They are amazing and extremely friendly communicating via social media. 

Please bare with me as I navigate writing a blog post, lol, Im new to this. My point is this: it was the SHIRT that initially drew me in. That really made me think of how I can make changes to use my own tee's to draw people to the shop. I think a love of music just might be the key.......

Check these guys out, you won't be sorry.

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